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Our skin puts up with a lot of trouble on a daily basis. Pollutants, toxins, wind, extreme temperatures, and debris all take their toll on your skin’s health and appearance. Fortunately, science and nature offer plenty of solutions for defending against these treats and revealing glowing skin.

The Societe Skin Brightening Serum contains a blend of patent-pending ingredients that specifically target the enzymes responsible for damage, aging, and pigmentation issues. It helps retain the skin natural glow thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles and laugh lines. When used on a regular basis, this can smooth and firm skin around the eye area while improving your face’s overall brightness.

A staggering blend of 19 antioxidants like vitamin C, rosemary, and beta carotene work hard to defend your skin against free radical damage and environmental toxins. Meanwhile, gentle exfoliators like lemon, orange, and salicylic acid brush away debris, dead skin cells, and impurities to reveal your glowing skin beneath the surface.

Thanks to its natural plant-based ingredients, this eye brightening serum from Societe can also reduce overall redness and inflammation. As an added boost, vitamin C helps stimulate collagen production to provide you with a more youthful appearance.

After using your preferred Societe prep serum, apply one pump of this skin and eye brightening serum to your face and neck as part of your morning and night-time skincare routines.

Societe creates realistic skincare products that merge the benefits of natural botanicals and scientific research. They don’t shoot for miracle cures – just real-world long-term results.